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sujulims's Journal

Super Junior LIMS Community
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sujulims is a LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) challenge focusing on K-Pop group Super Junior.

1. Sign-up. Sign-up for round02 is open. Comment on the post with your username. Joining/watching the community is recommended for updates and reminders.
2. Skips. Each participant only has 1 (one) round skip in one challenge. Leave a comment on the challenge post to let the mod know that you are using the skip. Skip can not be used in the last 2 (two) challenges.
3. Schedule. Each participant has 4 (four) days to make an icon for each round. The challenges are posted on Monday around 9:00 pm (GMT+8). Submission deadline is the following Friday. Voting starts afterwards, and ends on Sunday around 11:00 pm (GMT+8). Results will be posted, along with the next round.
4. Icons. Icons should fit LJ standard (100x100, 40 kb or less).
5. Icons submitted must be newly made for the challenge and must remain anonymous. Violation results in an automatic elimination.
6. Reminder. Two reminders will be posted, on Wednesday (mid-week) and few hours before deadline.
7. Voting. Make sure to vote for your least favorite and favorite icon(s). The amount of votes needed for each will be specified on the voting post. When voting, you will need to provide an explanation for your choices, such as quality, technique, etc. Moderator reserve the right to ask for further explanation or to void any votes we feel unfair.
8. Results. Voting results will be posted, including eliminated icons, people's choice and mod's choice with voting tally and comments. Participant with the most vote-offs will be eliminated.
9. Comeback Challenge. Comeback challenge for eliminated participants will be held. Winners of this round will be back in the challenge.
10. Challenge Winner. At the end a winner of the contest will be defined. All finalists will be awarded with banners.

round winners.
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